About us

We create brands
with a soul.

We started Nebulosa Studio to help startups and small businesses access high-quality web and branding services. We wanted to find a way to bridge the gap for growing businesses struggling to compete in the marketplace due to the increasing demand and cost for designers and developers in Canada.

More Big Bang for your buck.

At Nebulosa we hire experienced and knowledgeable developers and designers, creating a community where we support each other. This is why hiring a developer or designer with us is not just hiring a single individual, it is hiring a whole team to support you and your business goals.


Is to help our clients expand no matter their size with high quality services at an affordable price to get an edge on their competition.


Is to create a synergy between local Canadian businesses and excellent developers/designers in Latam and around the world.

Meet The Team

The pretty faces behind nebulosa