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Join us as we navigate through the collaborative efforts, strategic thinking, and relentless dedication that propelled this web app from a mere concept to a powerful tool. This isn’t just a story of lines of code, it’s a testament to the synergy of creativity and technical prowess.


This case study invites you to delve into the intricacies of how technology can seamlessly support and enhance the workflow of frontline professionals in the veterinary industry.

This case study presents an overview of the making of the web app Kontak Retriever, a visionary masterpiece crafted by extraordinary developers.The platform offers a captivating and immersive experience, showcasing Kontaks’ unique architectural design and exceptional features.

Let’s uncover the story behind the seamless integration of technology into the daily operations of veterinary clinics, elevating the receptionist’s role to new heights.




Custom development


Web & Desktop

Back-end engineering
UX/UI design



What we did

Project Overview

The Kontak Retriever is a web application that is designed and developed specifically for veterinary clinics. Kontak Retriever uses systems known as PIMS (Practice Information Management Systems) to display detailed information about the caller and their pets in real-time without the need for contact from the veterinary receptionist.

As soon as the phone starts ringing, Kontak Retriever searches different PIMS systems for information about the client’s pets, all of this automatically.


The problem

Traditional methods of obtaining caller information involve asking callers to wait while receptionists open a new browser window, and search for the person by phone number or name, then search for pet information.

With Kontak a process that previously took several minutes has been automated and has become an instantaneous process without the need for any human intervention.

The goal

Assuring a high level of accuracy in real-time information and making it instantly accessible.

Project development

Despite many stages in the development process, Nebulosa Studio is the only team responsible for developing this web application with the Kontak team for the backend side.

The PROTOTYPE stage was carried out in 1 week of development exclusively by our studio. This stage involved only developing the initial interface integrating Rhapsody as the only PIMS. There were only incoming calls, the name of the caller, and a list of pets displayed at this stage.

In the first production version, the application started to be detailed, this updated version took 2 months to develop, this version integrated pet appointment dates from prior to the current one. A timer was included so the information would continue to update in real-time as name changes, new appointments, or cancellations occurred.

Later with the help of the Kontak team for backend support, we were able to seamlessly integrate to multiple PIMS, Rhapsody, Vetspire, Digitail, Ezyvet, Cornerstone, NextInLine, EzyVet etc. and create new features, such as the ability to send and receive SMS and images from the same interface.

The final component to be added was the appointment calendar, which uses the information from the PIMS and its methods for making appointments. Based on the information provided, an appointment calendar for each doctor was generated into the Kontak interface.
A Veterinary clinic control center is the final application that will be used to monitor incoming calls and appointments, as well as receive and respond to incoming SMS messages in order to manage the clinic.

The impacts and learnings

Kontak Retriever is bringing some serious efficiency to veterinary clinics by automating the retrieval of client and pet information in real time, it’s not just making life easier for receptionists but also improving customer service. Clients get a smoother experience, and the clinics can provide more personalized and informed care.

There were some interesting lessons learned during the development of Kontak Retriever. One key aspect was the integration challenges with various PIMS systems. Each system comes with its own quirks and nuances, and finding a seamless way to connect with all of them would have been quite the puzzle.

Additionally, ensuring data security and privacy was a challenge,  especially when dealing with sensitive information about clients and their pets. Navigating the regulatory landscape and implementing robust security measures would likely have been a learning curve.
And finally user feedback played a crucial role too. Understanding how veterinary clinics and receptionists interact with the tool in real-world scenarios could have led to valuable insights for refining and improving Kontak Retriever.

Your success story begins with the collaboration of innovation and execution – let us craft it, uniquely yours.

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